About Me

As of 2016, I am 40. I have been married for almost 15 years with one kid. I have been reading personal finance blogs for a long time, starting in 2004 with www.pfblog.com. After procrastinating for a short time of 14 years, this is my third attempt to document my journey. Hopefully this will last for a while.

For me, personal finance is both fun and a hobby. I do not have any specific plans to post daily or even at a set schedule. I expect the blog to be about writing things that interest me, personal musings, some tools that I may have created for my own use and such. The articles will be about the decisions that I have actually made, both good and bad. I do not expect to write any articles on the best credit card offers or 9 steps to live a clutter free life and such. There are plenty of blogs that provide a daily dose of these articles. I am hoping to keep religion and politics out of this blog. I do not think either one affects your personal finance decisions in long term.

I expect this blog to be a diary of my own decisions to look back upon after few years. In no way, do I claim to be a personal finance expert or a certified financial planner. If you send me an email and I respond with some advice, take it as an advice from a friend with the right intentions. I do not know you or your situation to provide any advice that might be useful. Please do not follow my advice or copy things I do blindly. You should be responsible for your own financial decisions.  In short, if you follow my advice or things I write about and you end up losing money, its your own fault. Do not blame (sue) me!